Wednesday 19 June 2013

Jellywatch - Demo 2011

This is my second review featuring a release from French/Belgian punk label Never Trust An Asshole. This time, I'm writing about the 2011 demo from Jellywatch. I'm not fluent in French, but by reading their Facebook bio I can just about make out that they formed in 2008. This seven-track demo was released in February 2011 and has been their only recorded output to date. They seem to have played a fair-few live dates and look like a fun bunch of dudes, so I'm hoping this demo will be a little more lighthearted than some of the music I've been listening too recently.


1. Derrière le mur
2. Quoi d'autre? 
3. A La Carte
4. Roulettes et contreplaqué 
5. Song of The Dead
6. Seeing Red (Minor Threat Cover)
7. Kids for life (bonus réédition) 

Jellywatch open with Derriere Le Mur and an extended guitar intro before launching into a fuller, more melodic verse. Their sound has a garage-punk slant to it during the verses but tends to be pretty danceable in between, featuring some cool guitar harmonies. Quoi d'autre features some really cool ska-punk saxophone. A La Carte starts with a more measured approach. This approach doesn't last long though, as Jellywatch quickly launch back into their quick-fire punk. The rhythms are pretty tight and the recording/production is more on the live side of the fence, which helps bring out the band's energy.

Roulettes et Contreplaque will have you pogoing along in no time, with it's NOFX-esque harmonies and upbeat drumming. It's probably the standout track on this demo for me. Up until now all of the songs have been sung in the band's native tongue, but Song of The Dead sees them switch to English. This is a scuzzy punk song that last nearly twice as long as song that came before it on the demo. That doesn't stop it from being raucous fun though!

Jellywatch then spring out at you with their own take on Seeing Red by Minor Threat. Their last song Kids For Life is a nod to hardcore punk, with more attitude and a sound akin to AFI. It's another fast and scuzzy number that ends their demo in suitable style. If you're after some punk that's played with abandon and without being too clinical, look no further than Jellywatch's demo. It would be interesting to hear how they progress with future releases, if any do materialise. For now though, just stick this on and enjoy it.

Have a listen for yourself below:-

The EP is available to by both digitally or physically from the above bandcamp page.

Jellywatch Facebook -
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