Wednesday 19 June 2013

Dead Church/Suffering Mind - Split 5"

I love fastcore, grind, powerviolence or whatever else you want to call fast music. I also love vinyl so this little release from 7Degrees Records is pretty much perfect. It brings together Michigan's Dead Church and super-prolific Polish grinders Suffering Mind, for a quick fire two-track blastathon. Dead Church recently played alongside Full of Hell and Seven Sisters of Sleep and Suffering Mind are due to hit the UK imminently with UK PV band The Afternoon Gentlemen, so both bands are keeping their live reps well and truly in tact.


1. Dead Church - I Want Nothing
2. Suffering Mind - War Street/Wall Street

Dead Church are furious from start to end. After their initial thick riffing intro, they launch into a hardcore-led blast of grind madness. The mixture of high screams and low growls give it an edge and while it's short, it's still a rager. Suffering Mind has a less thick guitar sound but like Dead Church, they throw in elements of sludge into the mix and some incredibly fast kick drumming to boot!

There's really not a lot I need to say about this record, other than that it will do more damage to you in it's sub two-minute playing time than most grind albums will do in their entirety. Some people may find the 5" format too short, but whether you're an avid follower of both bands or you're looking for a place to start, you'd be foolish not to pick this up.

Hear it in it's grinding glory here:-

7Degrees have made this split available to buy digitally from the above bandcamp page, though I'd strongly recommend you to go for the physical 5" if you can afford it. It looks immense, as does that artwork!

Dead Church Facebook -
Suffering Mind Facebook -
7Degrees Records Facebook -


  1. this 5" looks "immense"? I do not think this means what you think it means.

  2. Nice attempt at sarcasm! I was gonna pass your comment off as spam and delete it, but I won't, as I can see the funny side ;) You should check out the 5" record though, it's great stuff.