Monday 24 June 2013

Let It Die/Monolithian - Because The World Is Perfidious, I Am Going Into Mourning Split 7"

This post sees the return of two UK bands who've been featured here previously. Let It Die have featured with both their demo and last year's sick 7". Monolithian appeared earlier this year with their One/Zero 12". There was one constant amongst the two vinyl releases I reviewed and that was UK label Moshtache Records, as they conspired with Church of Fuck to bring us both those vinyl records. Well, they're back again alongside Skin and Bones Records to bring you a mighty new slab of wax in the form of the Let It Die/Monolithian split. Fast as hell hardcore inspired noise rocks up next to bass-heavy sludge-ridden hardcore in a tag team match that will tear out your eardrums and drop your bowels.


1. Let It Die - Boredom/Inertia
2. Let It Die - Torture
3. Monolithian - Emaciate Euthanise won't be! Not after Let It Die tear you a new one with opening track Boredom/Inertia. Borrowing subtle textures from their slower comrades in Monolithian, they proceed to pummel you with a sound as thick as the tar. The ringing feedback that acts as wing man to those anguished screams will have the weaker amongst you reaching for your earmuffs. The drums pound, with cymbal crashes flying at you like falling anvils and the low-down riffs will threaten to shake the strongest of foundations. That feedback leads into Torture, which pretty much does what it says in the title. Let It Die hit a faster stride here, which harks back to their 2012 7".  The same thick sound is present and the holy-terror style guitar makes it impossible to tear yourself away. Stuff your cookie-cutter deathcore tripe, you need to be hate-moshing to Let It Die before moshing becomes illegal...oh wait, it already is!

Things take a sinister turn as the bass-heavy tones of Monolithian break through. Emaciate Euthanise builds on the momentum and sound gained by their recent One/Zero 12" and shortens it too produce something equally to the point as Let It Die, while complementing their chaos with something down and dirty. The constant here is the bass and the rhythm section, bellowing beneath the low-growls that drag the tone deeper into the depths of despair. Just when you think it's slowed to a halt though, Monolithian spew up some filthy crust that hits you like a gutter punk that's drunk too much angry juice.

Three tracks is all it takes to remind you that no matter how convoluted mainstream metal gets and no matter how many fringe bands cause furore on the Warped tour, at least you'll have the welcoming arms of the UK underground to come back to. Both Let It Die and Monolithian have seriously upped their game and if you're going to be seeing them on any of their upcoming live dates, you'll be in for a treat.

As the above poster says, the whole split is streaming over at Tight To The Nail here - Go listen now!

The 7" is being released on heavyweight 70g vinyl. You can pre-order it from the following places - 

In terms of live dates to watch out for; Let It Die are making an appearance in Manchester on the 29th at Fuck Fest and Monolithian will be sharing the stage with the mighty Eyehategod on the 4th of August.

For their other live dates and to tell them how awesome they are, head over to their Facebook pages below:-

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