Monday 3 June 2013

Septekh - Apollonian Eyes EP

My laptop has been doing all kinds of weird things lately, from freezing to going really slowly. Even Itunes has been odd, with songs jumping at certain points, just like CD's used to do in hi-fi's. Anyway, it hasn't stopped me from updating the blog and I sincerely hope it settles down soon. So, this is the latest four track EP by Swedish death/thrash band Septekh, that was released earlier this year by Abyss Records. This is their second EP in as many years as well.

It's rare that I feature bands who like to assume a certain presence or character set when onstage and in the eyes of their fans. Septekh are one such band though. They look like old military gents from the time when war ravaged Europe. When playing live, they even have their own make-up artist!


1. Apollonian Eyes
2. Burn It To The Ground
3. Cursing The Skies
4. Vlad Tepes

Apollonian Eyes contains four track of brutal, ravaging death thrash. Starting with the title track, Septekh waste little time in going straight for your jugular with their sharpened bayonet. That bayonet features furious instrumentation and shrieked deathly vocals. The drums and guitars keep an extreme pace all the way through, with little melody imposing itself. The only real treble you get is from the screeching guitar mid-way through. Burn It To The Ground has a great galloping rhythm to it and it's where Septekh's thrash influences being to really shine through. I can definitely see this song inciting some great pits live! These guys do not hang about and the solo towards the end of the song is a wailing beast.

Septekh inject more melody into later songs, thanks to some great lead guitar works and different layers. They may be playing a form of death metal that's been overdone of late, but they are playing with huge energy and enthusiasm, which can't help but make you smile when you listen. That's certainly the case with Cursing The Skies anyway. Vlad Tepes rounds out the EP. This song is more progressive than the EP's previous numbers, with some more excellent lead guitar work and less of the gung-ho attitude. It has some Middle-Eastern flair to it as well, in the sound and some of melodies played by the guitar.

Death/thrash may only appeal to fans of more extreme metal, but Apollonian eyes will surely appeal to a wider audience and gain Septekh new followers, thanks to it's good time feel.

Closing song Vlad Tepes, is streaming on my bandcamp page for a limited time. Listen to it below:-

Physical copies of Apollonian Eyes can be purchased from Abyss Records at

Septekh website -
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