Monday 10 June 2013

Random Band of The Week - Afterlife Kids

My "Random Band of The Week" posts haven't been that weekly, but here's another. I came across Berlin emo/hardcore band Afterlife Kids a few days ago and started checking them out, alongside so many other German bands that have just bypassed me lately. According to their Facebook page, they only started in January 2012 but they've been mega productive since then.

They've released a 2 song promo CD, they release an EP names "Geisterhand" on tape/CD and repressed it, a noise/drone tape called "Elementar" , a live split tape with fellow German Screamo band - Fuck, Wolves! and they're due to release their first LP "Morgengrauen" very soon.

They've played alongside bands like xCurraheex, Pay No Respect and Lightbearer!

Not only that, but they also have their own label called Skull Witch Records which has helped co-release the recent Huffin Paint/Chevin split 7" amongst other things. Check out more of it's releases here -

You can listen to their discography as well as tracks from their new LP via their bandcamp page below:-

Another thing that stuck for me was the aesthetic that they have. Their merch and artwork designs look awesome. Check stuff out on their Tumblr page here -

Afterlife Kids Facebook -

I encourage you to check these dudes out for yourselves!

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