Sunday 23 June 2013

Random Band of The Week - Mors Voluntaria

It's time for another "Band of The Week". To inspire me this time, I checked out the latest band additions on Metal Archives and since I've been listening to more UK based black metal recently, the decision was pretty easy. The band I've chosen this week is Leeds based one-man black metal band Mors Voluntaria.

Seemingly a new band, Mors Voluntaria sprung up earlier this year but has already released a Bandcamp only promo and Tape called "A Pathway Through Forgotten Woods", which has been released by the prolific Ukrainian black metal/ambient label Depressive Illusions Records.

You can listen to the digital two-track 2013 promo via the band's Bandcamp page below:-

The two promo tracks on Bandcamp are raw, hateful black metal with elements on noise and drone thrown in. It's airs more towards depressive black metal with the only ambience coming from the feedback generated by the guitars.

Mors Voluntaria is a mysterious project and there isn't a great deal of information about it, apart from what's on Metal Archives. As with many similar bands, there is no Facebook page as yet either.

In terms of the bands debut tape release, you can purchase "A Pathway Through Forgotten Woods" via Depressive Illusions Records here - 

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