Friday 7 June 2013

'Kin Hell Fest - 2013 Fund-Raising Compilation

For those of you who didn't make it out to 'Kin Hell Fest this year, you missed an epic weekend. Three days worth of varied, killer extreme metal and drunken fun in Leeds. This festival was unlike any other I'd been to before, in that the atmosphere was so chilled and everyone was there for the same reason, to have fun and  support some ace bands from both our shores and from further afield. Also unlike other festivals, 'Kin Hell Fest was funded and run by a few very committed people. For example, the venue had no electricity before the weekend, which meant the organisers having to wire the whole place up, so they could get the stage lights, sound-desk and back line working prior to the gig. This in  itself was a task, but also paying for toilet facilities and refreshments took their toll. As a result, the organisers are now in fund-raising mode, to help recoup some of the costs.

This compilation is one of the methods they're using. It features an absolutely mighty 82 bands, who have kindly donated tracks. The whole comp has a running time of 5.6 hours and all for £4 or more.

The metal scene is very good at pulling together, especially the DIY contingent, so if you missed out over the weekend and want to feel some of what the festival-goers felt, while contributing towards paying off the costs of the festival, download the compilation for £4 or more and start your weekend off with a satisfied glow.

By doing so will also allow this great local festival to keep going next year and beyond.

'Kin Hell Fest -

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