Monday 17 June 2013

Not My Hero - S/T EP

I thought I'd have a break from extreme metal for a little while and check out some good old hardcore. A while I ago I was sent an e-mail from a French DIY label called Never Trust An Asshole, letting me know about their label and the bands they've helped out. Not My Hero were one of those bands, so I thought I'd check then out, although reading their Facebook page tells me that they've called it day now. When they were a band, they played hardcore in a similar vein to Comeback Kid and shared stages with bands like A Wilhelm Scream. This four-track actually came out in late 2011.


1. Fire
2. Amnesia
3. Dead Heroes
4. My Gucci Eyes

I've not heard a lot of melodic hardcore like this for a while. Not My Hero play hardcore with punk twist and it sounds pretty refreshing. Opening song Fire is a short, sharp intro. Amnesia is a fierce hardcore underpinned by fast drums and melodic guitar. They even throw in some cool gang vocals too. It's pretty much all you want from a hardcore band really, something fast and upbeat to get you moving. Not My Hero continues with same level of energy during Dead Heroes. This time injecting more clean vocals into the song and even a subtle Boysetsfire influence, which is nice. They don't seem to take themselves too seriously either and don't come across all “tough guy”, which is again pretty refreshing.

The last song is the amusingly titled My Gucci Eyes. It's a rager too! The lyrics too all of the songs here are in English and are audible, so you can hear what’s being screamed without needing to read along to the lyrics. They throw an introspective part into the song about three-minutes in which settles things down before building up to a crashing crescendo which ends the song abruptly. This is a short and killer EP from a band that I wish I'd known about before. This is going to be on repeat for weeks to come!

You can checkout the EP here:-

Never Trust An Asshole put on gigs, write zines and release music. You can buy this EP digitally or physically from the link above.

Not My Hero Facebook -

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