Wednesday 18 July 2012

Voice of Ruin - S/T

Voice of Ruin are a five-piece metal band from Nyon, Switzerland with a keen sense of humour and a strange obsession with all things erotic. Their self-titled record was released way back in March 2011 via Swiss label Heimathome Records.


1. Dependances
2. Show Your Respect
4. Win or Die
5. Give The Reason
6. Free Hate
7. My Obsession
8. Beautiful Fight
9. Blowjob For A Call Girl

Voice of Ruin open with Dependances, which is full of death metal vocals and industrial inspired riffs. The riffs are frenetic as are the drums and there are some awesome thrash metal elements buried in the music.

These guys have played with some pretty awesome bands in their time, including Entombed, Caliban and Sybreed. One cool thing about them is that they don't sound too Americanised. Vocalist Randy Schaller keeps his accent, which makes his deathly growls sound more original.

Show Your Respect features some more melodic death riffs, but still sounds utterly ferocious. Voice of Ruin use different elements in their death metal, including some modern breakdowns and gang vocals, to add colour to what is a pretty brutal record.

The production on the record allows their music to sound as though it's being played live, which adds to the warmth of their sound. The instrumentation does sound pretty downtuned and at times the guitars sound syncopated. Olivier Sutter is a pretty incredible drummer too, being able to stick to those tempos and rhythms throughout the record. It underlines the skilled musicianship on show here, especially during third track BDSM.

At the start of Win or Die, Voice of Ruin use some electronic effects which further shows their lineage to a more European sound. If you like bands like Fear Factory, or the heavier parts of Soilwork's sound, you'll lap this up.

Give The Reason is one of the standout tracks on the record in my opinion. It just sounds as if Voice of Ruin are really hitting their stride and while it's got a tough to pin down the rhythm; it's all action! The music gets gnarlier as the album progresses, with more semi-melodic riffs being cranked out alongside the intense death battery, like in Free Hate.

My Obsession has a more metalcore inspired element to it, with semi-clean spoken vocals being used at certain points. There's also more hardcore influences slung into the music. It's just one big raging headbang!

Beautiful Fight is off-kilter heaven. Much like the rest of the album, Voice of Ruin focus on downtuned, off-kilter riffage and insane blasting drums to underpin those crazed vocals, making them sound heavy as hell, without being unlistenable. The song seems to be split into two parts too, as after two minutes they switch a gear and settle into a bit of a groove, with some more traditional song structures creeping through.

All too quickly, you’re onto the last song, the amusingly titled Blowjob For A Call Girl. This is the final knockout blow. It's almost four minutes of utterly mental death metal and proves that this record is worthy of your attention. So there you have it, another amazingly solid death metal album, from a band destined to be much bigger. Miss them at your peril!

Voice if Ruin are streaming the entire record via their Bandcamp page below:-

Voice of Ruin are offering as a free download via their Facebook page at, however if you want to help the band or want to pick up a physical copy, you can purchase it digitally from the Bandcamp page above or you can pick a CD copy up from their BigCartel page at

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