Thursday 19 July 2012

Rwake - Forge 7"

Forge is the latest 7" from Arkansas Doom-metal institution, Rwake. It's the first 7" to come from label Handshake inc and features two tracks from their 2004 album "If You Walk Before You Crawl You Crawl Before You Die". The 7" was also mastered by Billy Anderson, who's mixed records for the likes of Neurosis and Sleep, amongst others.

Tracklist :-

1. Forge
2. Imbedded

Forge is an incredible piece of sludgy metal, not that I need to describe it to those who’ve already been initiated into Rwake's murky world. The production gives the song an organic, warm sound and it sound's like it's been recorded with the whole band playing live. The vocals are really extreme and the instrumentation just grooves away in the background, laying waste to all in its path.

The extended instrumental passage about 3 minutes in changes the mood, with it's semi acoustic sound and those drums, striding along keeping a steady pace.
The lead melodies sound folky at times, but when Rwake are in sync, they just ferocious. Towards the end, the pace slows to a sludgy finish, which just sounds awesome.

Imbedded starts with a sinister yet cool sounding guitar melody, before the drums and vocals kick in. It has a different feel to than Forge, but it's still an absolutely metal.
I really like the melodic sections that are intertwined with Rwake's sludgier sound.
I'll be honest and say that Rwake are a band that I’ve not heard much of, so this is something of an initiation for me, but a damn good one!

I like a steady diet of metal from across the spectrum and this really hits the spot, allowing me to get lost in music performed by a band with incredible integrity and an uncompromising sound. Imbedded seems to be a more progressive, experimental song. The riffs and rhythms towards the end make you nod your head, but seems to have a classic metal vibe to them and finish off a really cool record.

I know the hardened fans amongst you will already know what to expect from Rwake, and while this is a re-recording of two early tracks, it's a great record in it's own right and the fact that the songs are a decent length, helps too. I'm definitely gonna get more acquainted with Rwake now!

At the moment, there's nowhere to stream this record, but then again you shouldn't need to. Head over to to pick up a physical copy.

Also, Rwake are on Facebook at

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