Monday 30 July 2012

William English - Demo

William English are a heavy band from our fair isle. They weave different genres into their music, including Stoner, Hardcore and Sludge. This is their latest demo, a two tracker, which was released in 2011.


1. Cure For The Common Cold
2. At Loggers Head

Cure For The Common Cold sounds like a crazy hardcore/grind hybrid, with high-pitched vocals and thrashing drums. The riffs are meaty and mid-paced too, sounding earth shattering. They employ a breakdown of sorts towards the end of the track, which stops and starts and jolts forwards. When you add in those ferocious vocals over the top, you get a lethal mixture.

At Loggers Head is slower to get going. The rumble of the solitary bass is a perfect start to a song, which promises to shake your speakers to their foundations. The song initially sounds a lot sludgier, but their hardcore kicks in again, with some nice angular riffs. There are more melodic elements to this song and it's very much in keeping with the UK's current crop of hardcore bands.

This Demo is pretty crushing and the fact that they've managed to weave this much quality into two tracks, speaks volumes.  Watch out for William English, as they won't stay in the undergrowth forever.

You can stream and download this demo at WE's Soundcloud page -

You can also pick up a free CD copy if you buy a T-shirt from their store at

They can also be found on Facebook at

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