Monday 30 July 2012

Erevos - Interview

A few weeks ago now, I featured a review of the album "Descensus Ad Inferos" by Greek Black/Death metal band Erevos. After posting the review, the band were cool enough to offer me an interview, so here it is:-

For those who are not familiar with Erevos, please can you give some background on the band?

Erevos was formed at the end of 2004 by Growler, Tisiphoni and Kerveros. Until today we have 6 releases and the new release is our full-length ‘Descensus Ad Inferos’, which was mix and mastered by Dan Swano (Bloodbath, Katatonia, Edge Of Sanity). We have played in Greece and abroad with many great names. Unfortunately, we've changed many members, due to the fact that it’s difficult to be in a metal band in Greece and the current line up is: Growler-Vocals-Bass, Tisiphoni-Keyboards, Tek-Guitar, Simeth-Drums.

What are your main influences, musical or otherwise?

Certainly thrash metal, majestic black metal, death metal, movie soundtracks and classical music. A little bit of everything! I suppose some of our influences are Dissection, Exodus, Emperor, Anorexia Nervosa, Bathory and Hypocrisy.

You've played with some big extreme metal bands from around the world. How have they influenced you?

There have been good and bad influences, but mostly well! We are still in touch with some of them, but there are few that we couldn’t even approach. One of the positives when performing with a famous band is that you learn many things by their experience additionally you can see many things that you couldn’t see or understand if you were just a fun.

What are the main themes within Descensus Ad Inferos?

Descensus Ad Inferos is a concept album. It’s about a person who travels into the depths of Underworld. He experiences death, as it believed it was in the past. He finds and describes mythological creatures that he sees on journey.  

With the current economic problems in Greece, has it been difficult for you to play live or release music?

It was always difficult to release music or play live. Now with the economical crises the things got even worse. Many clubs have closed and it is difficult to find money for recordings too. That was the main reason that we reduced our live shows. Though, Descensus Ad Inferos has brought us some money in order to prepare some new material that hopefully it would be ready in September.

What is your impression of the current metal genre at the moment?

Metal isn’t as limited as it was in the past. Now we have new sub-genres and combination of the old ones. That makes it really wide and everyone can find something that they can like in it.

What are your plans for the future of Erevos?

As I mention it before we are preparing a new release, which contains some new songs. It would be a split realise with a black metal band from Sweden called Arakiel. Our producer and guest musician is Marios Iliopoulos from Nightrage.

Are you close to your local metal scene? If so, which bands would you recommend to us?

Naturally yes! Except from well-known bands like Rotting Christ, Septic Flesh and Nightrage, Greece has a rather good underground metal scene. You can listen to bands like Rotting Flesh, Order of the Ebon Hand, Nethescerial, Head Cleaner, Incest in Heaven, Morpheus and many more.

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