Wednesday 4 July 2012

Rampant Decay/Kruds - Split 7"

This is a sick 7" from Patac Records over in Boston, USA. It features two kick ass bands, firstly San Antonio, Texas power violence band Kruds and Providence, Rhode Island crossover act Rampant Decay. The record was actually released in August 2011, but it's never too late to review a record with artwork this good!

Kruds -
1. Hatchet Face
2. Dead Bent
3. Advantage-Harlot
4. Chumbawumba-Fuck Charles day

Rampant Decay -
1. Political Lemmings
2. King of the Trash

Kruds kick off Hatchet Face, which starts with an ace hip-hop intro before lurching into, low down dirty power violence. The music is bass heavy and the guitars sound like chainsaws. The vocals are mad as well, with low growls morphing into higher pitched screams. Dead Bent exemplifies their dual vocals and the drums more, with thrashing rhythms and more crushing guitars.

Advantage-Harlot starts with a sample about a guy wanting to kick someone in the testicles, which is pretty apt, as that's what this song does. It's as harsh and as fast as Kruds get on the split, but they play in short bursts in-between samples. The second passage has some good groove to it thanks to the drums and is slightly more sedate, as  the pace slows down to a more mid-paced speed before grinding too an almost doomy dirge.. It's still utterly mental though! Kruds last song goes by the amusing title of Chumbawumba-Fuck Charles Day (I'd love to know how they came up with song title!). Again it's fast and it only lasts about 30 seconds, so has to be. It ends their section in fine, grinding style.

Rampant Decay kicks of with Political Lemmings, which has a slightly more hardcore sound to it. Again the guitars are heavy and the vocals are insane, as they grind their way through almost two minutes of hardcore infused grind-violence. They even through in gang vocals to hammer home a sense of unity. King of The Trash is a more frantic song, with the vocals ranging from high pitched, crazed lunacy to evil low growling, with some awesome riffs sitting underneath.

The production on the record is nice and raw, allowing nothing to take centre stage and allowing each instrument (including vocals), to play their part and add too a heavy as hell sound. The split EP may only be about seven and a half minutes long, but both bands let rip and contribute enough ideas to make it seems longer. I love the whole package here, the artwork fits the music perfectly and bands play with integrity and style.
Who says music doesn't have substance anymore!

The EP is up for streaming via Patac Records Bandcamp page below:-

Make sure you check it out. You can purchase it from the Bandcamp page as a pay-what you want download, with money going towards paying for the recording costs and promotion or if you want a physical copy, you can buy it direct from Patac Records at

Kruds can be found on Facebook at and Rampant Decay at

So there you have it. A short, sharp split record from two awesome hardcore/power violence bands. What more could you ask for!

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