Wednesday 25 July 2012


I've not put any random posts up on here for a long time, but somethings been bothering me a little. I'm talking about "Inclusion".

To me, the metal scene (in general) was all about inclusion, as it was made up by those people who didn't fit the mould of society and as such, wanted to include other people like them. It's a scene where kids can feel accepted for who and what they are and can appreciate the music and the musicians that make it, without dealing with idiots.

I've never found it an issue and I've found people really approachable, especially when you've got a common bond. That's not the case though with certain Internet dwellings.

I know this might sound daft, because my blog in a Internet based blog, but certain sites and forums seem to be shunning inclusion for elitism. Admittedly, I do visit some of these sites, as they're a good source of new bands and releases, but I notice that they tend to pour scorn on new entrants to their world, by either dictating the format of their contributions or just by the type of sub-genres they follow.

I'd be interested to hear/read other peoples thought on this. Have you ever come across this type of thing? Do you agree with it?

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