Monday 4 June 2012

PxBxS - S/T EP

Here's quick fire review for you. This is the S/T EP by L.A. power violence crew PxBxS,
This EP features three songs.


1. Instrumental
2. Stuck
3. Closing In

The instrumental begins with a bass heavy intro and screaming feedback, which morphs into a semi-sludge/power violence masterpiece. Stuck is a full on grinding attack on the senses. At just over a minute and featuring pretty savage vocals, it rips!

Closing In begins with ringing feedback and a sampled spoken word passage. The music itself is again suitably low-fi with their racket only kicking in, in the last thirty seconds.

If it's short, sweet grind your after, look no further than PxBxS. They will rip your head off and pour molten lava down your throat! I hope these guys continue to put out stuff like this, as the mixture of sludge and grind together make it pretty damn heavy and well worth picking up.

PxBxS have made all of their music available for free download via their Facebook page at

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