Sunday 24 June 2012

Hellvetron - Death Scroll Of Seven Hells And Its Infernal Majesties

Hellvetron are an occult death/black metal duo from the US. Death Scroll... is their debut album and has been released by the mighty Hells Headbangers.

1. Sheol- Grave of Supernals
2. Abbadon- Wings of Perdition
3. Titahion- Foul Eaters of the Clay of Death
4. Bar Shasketh- Fathomless Pit of Destruction
5. Tzalemoth- Shadow of Death
6. Shaari Moth- Omimous Gate of Death
7. Gehinnom- Hellwomb of the Impure Hag Queens 

Opener Sheol - Grave of Supernals provides a frightening atmosphere as Hellvetron's brand of death/black metal comes to life. Their sound is perfectly evil, with low deathly growls, strange female chanting in the background and suitably old-school production. You can hear the guitar buzzing in the background and the hammering of the drums.

Abbadon - Wings of Perdition is played at a similar pace to the opener, with Hellvetron preferring a slower, more painful death. The music is definitely at the more extreme end of the spectrum. Conjuring up images of evil, human sacrifices and plagued demons, it's certainly not for the faint of heart.

Titahion - Foul Eater of the Clay of Death benefits from some great sounding guitar riffs that add a new level to the atmosphere that Hellvetron are conveying.
The feeling that they heap on the listener is pretty uncomfortable, especially if you're not used to this form of extreme music.

I'm reviewing it based on it's artistic merit and the musicality held herein.
The music is mainly mid-paced throughout, with buzzsaw guitar rearing it's head occasionally, but Hellvetron do prefer a dirgy, doomy inspired sound, which I actually quite like. A good example of this is in fourth song, Bar Shasketh - Fathomless Pit of Destruction. The drums are more prevalent in Tzalemoth - Shadow of Death. The crashing cymbals working in perfect harmony with those deathly growls and the haunting chanting.

The songs on Death Scroll... don't outstay their welcome. Some bands of this ilk do play overly long songs that lose their impact, but Hellvetron do seem to have nailed the formula. Their longest songs are at the start and the finish of the record, which makes a lot of sense to me. Shaari Moth - Omimous Gate of Death and Gehinnom -Hellwomb of the Impure Hag Queens end proceedings with two final blasts of evil, occult metal.

This record is definitely for those people who are diehard death/black metal fans. The old-school production suits the music well, but won't be too everyone's taste.
I personally like the fact that Hellvetron have fused doom elements into their music as it gives them a more refreshing sound. Enter if you dare!

You can stream the album via Hells Headbanger own bandcamp page below:-

There is also a link of the page so you can purchase either digital copies or physical CD/LP copies directly from the label.

Hellvetron don't use any forms of social media, however there a fan page on Facebook at You can find more information at the bands Metal-Archives page at

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