Thursday 7 June 2012

Biipiigwan - Nibaak EP

A couple of weeks ago, I reviewed Biipiigwan's album God's Hooks. I also received this, which is their latest EP that was released in February this year.


1. Rodentia
2. Kingmaker
3. Nibaak

Rodentia starts with a pretty intense, trance inducing bunch if riffs and then blasts you with a wall of noise. Your senses are battered with ferocious growls and super heavy instrumentation. The off-kilter rhythms and sporadic lapses into doomy territory make this one hell of a track. The pace slows down towards the end of the song and introduces some pretty cool, semi-clean guitar which brings a hint of melody to the ear, before careening to end with one last blast.

Kingmaker is a slower song all together, with more clean guitar adding quite a haunting melody to the song. The riffs ring out underneath the vocals, drawing in you with every bar. The vocals continue at a similar pitch throughout, only breaking to allow the low-end to have it's way with you. The production on the EP is great too. Each instrument is clear and the overall effect is a heavy one.

Nibaak takes you back to Biipiigwan's speedier side, with pounding drums and killer riffs. The vocals here seem to be totally possessed. The pinch harmonics used in the track are ace too, sounding like screaming banshees for the brief period they are used. Again the pace slows towards the end of the song, but that's all part of Biipiigwan's charm. It highlights their heavier side
and one which is very welcome.

This is what I call an EP. It lasts for just under fifteen minutes and crams enough in to allow you too get lost in it. This is a great sign of things to come from a band that really are ones to watch, if you ain't already.

You can stream the entire EP at Biipiigwan's bandcamp page below:-

If you like it, you can download it from their bandcamp page as a name-your price download or you can buy a CD copy from

Their Facebook page is

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