Saturday 9 June 2012

Bloody Gears - Frozen Rain 7"

My second quick fire review is of the new Frozen Rain 7" by Boston punk band Bloody Gears.


1. Frozen Rain
2. Bite The Hand
3. Tragic Mistake

The title track Frozen Rain starts of with sole guitar riffs and bass buzzing in the background. The vocals are gruff in delivery and there's a subtle hardcore undertone to their sound. This is a long, brooding song and the sound of Bloody Gears is very different too Big Eyes, who I reviewed before.

Bite The Hand has a more garage-punk sound and it immediately a faster song. It does sort of remind me of very early Offspring. Third and final song Tragic Mistake sound upbeat, with the gruff punk singing and melodic guitars. It has that old-school punk feel to it, like I already mentioned.

Again, this a release that shows the length a breadth of Grave Mistakes expanding roster. It's a short, sharp collection of moody punk-rock that deserves your attention.

You can stream the entire 7" at Grave Mistake's bandcamp page below:-

Once you've listened to it, go and buy the 7" from the Grave Mistake online store.

Bloody Gears can be found at

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