Sunday 3 June 2012

Ashes Forever - Love, Leave, Forget, Repeat.

This is something a bit different. Ashes Forever are a duo from New York and Love, Leave, Forget, Repeat is their latest EP, that was released in February. It features one song and is billed as progressive metal. Ashes Forever is made up of Matt Dillon on Drums and Vocals and James Adam Gaskill on Guitar and Vocals.


1. Her Repressed Memories

When Her Repressed Memories started, I thought there was a problem with Bandcamp or my speakers, because all that was coming out was occasional white noise and distant music, but then I realised that it was just the intro! When the song kicked in properly, it started with emo/screamo influenced melodic guitar and experimental drum beats, before James Adam Gaskill's screaming vocals came in. The music is mainly instrumental but it's pretty damn savage. Those screams are maddening when in full flow and the use of low death metal vocals, add another side to it all.

This is all one song, but it seems to split into short, blasting movements. There's a lot of different musical textures and influences used. The epic snare drum rolls about five minutes in sound like a machine gun, widely firing of it's own accord. The riffs are also brooding and atmospheric, along with subtle blasts of grind induced noise. The 8-bit, Gameboy inspired music seven minutes in is really cool and adds a brief bit of sanity to proceedings, before they commit to introduce semi nu-metal inspired riffs to the melee. The riffs nine minutes in are savage as well.

The EP ends with some more white noise and leaves you utterly bewildered. You've just witnessed something utterly mental. Ashes Forever succeed because they don't go for outright blasting speed. They prefer to add different structures and movements within the track, so there is some breathing space between their mutated shifts. This is far to unholy for a Sunday and all the better for it!

Have a listen to this EP yourself below, via the bands Bandcamp Page -

You can also see what they're up to on Facebook at

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