Sunday 10 June 2012

Commitment Records/Commitment Records UK

This feature focuses on Dutch straight edge hardcore label Commitment Records and it's UK distribution arm Commitment Records UK.

Commitment Records was started in 1996 with the sole aim of releasing and distributing records by straight edge bands from across the world. At the time, more and more straight edge bands were coming to the fore.

The first record they ever released was a live 7" by Youth Of Today, of a show that was recorded in Amsterdam from 1989. Since then they have gone onto release countless other records by bands including Vitamin X, xCurraheex and most notably a 6 7" box-set featuring 41 straight edge bands from 41 different countries called - More Than The X On Our Hands.

Commitment's most recent release was three way split 7" from Manchester's xCurraheex, Florida's Truth Inside and xUnforcex from the Philippines. I plan to review this record very soon, so keep a loot out.

Commitment Records UK
Commitment Records UK was set up very recently by a member of xCurraheex, to help promote the records of Commitment Records alongside promoting other straight edge bands.

One of the initiatives that has been set up by Commitment Record UK is to release a limited run of split cassettes, each featuring a straight edge band from the US and one from the UK/Europe.

So far two have been released.

1) Better Times/Eisberg - Split (Limited to 50 copies)

Better Times are a five-piece sXe hardcore band from Buffalo, New York.
Eisberg are an sXe hardcore band that features members from across the UK and Europe.

2) Enough/Iron Curtain - Split (Limited to 70 copies)

Enough are an sXe band from Nashville, Tennessee.
Iron Curtain are from London.

There are 3 more tapes due to be released but the quantities are unknown.

3) Step Aside/xCurraheex - Split

Step Aside are from Tucson, Arizona.
xCurraheex are from our very own Manchester.

4) Search Bloc/Dead Mans Chest - Split

Search Bloc are from Cleveland, Ohio.
Dead Mans Chest are from also from London.

5) This tape's line-up still needs to be completed.

You can pick up the first two tapes now from Commitment Records UK at

Also, if you're in the UK you can pick up Commitment Records releases directly from the store above. Also, you can go directly to Commitment records if you're outside the UK at

You can also find both Commitment Records and Commitment Record UK on Facebook at:-

It's great two see two labels sticking to their guns and releasing true, positive hardcore records by bands that pride themselves in the messages they deliver. Make sure you check both labels out, spread the word and pick up some records/tapes.

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