Sunday 17 June 2012

Introducing - Forceps

To close out today, I thought I'd introduce you all to a sick Brazilian death metal band, that you'll be hearing more about soon. Now unless you've been living under a massive rock your whole life, you'll be familiar with Sepultura, Soulfly, Krisiun and others, but from underneath their shadows, there's one hell of a death metal scene over in Brazil at the moment.

Forceps are one of the bands who call that scene home and I was lucky enough to catch up with the guys earlier this month, to hear what they had planned for the rest of the year and to hear more about their scene:-

So guys, can you tell us a bit about Forceps and how you formed?

Forceps was born back in 2006 in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil with the proposal of making aggressive music in that time. On that same year we released a single entitled "Disguising Hate". After a few line-up changes, in 2007 the band emerged with a different proposal and decided to take music in another level, a much more aggressive Death Metal, The result was the Demo entitled "Corporeality" which was released in 2009, after a great response from the public, the expectations for an upcoming material increased.

In late 2010 our formed drummer Hugo Bhering unfortunately left the band due to personal reasons and in early 2011 Emmanuel Ívan was announced as the new drummer bringing a very intense drumming and techniques. We were then ready to finish the writing process of the new EP Entitled "Humanicide”, which will be out this year 2012 by the records label Ossuary Industries.

What are your current plans for the rest of 2012?

We are now focused on doing some gigs to get back on track and also working on the release date for Humanicide, after that will have the Humanicide tour than we will get back in studio to work on the Next album.

You guys come from Brazil and apart obvious bands like Sepultura and Krisiun, what other bands and music influence you?

Here we got a pretty sick scene, but to pick a few of our most influences we have, Nephasth, Rebaellium, Ophiolatry, Vomepotro and Anopsy

What are your thoughts on the state of the global metal scene right now?

It's great, the metal scene grew a lot, and you get the chance to know a lot of bands and listen to loads of metal, that's badass! Our only thought is for the fans, support metal, go to gigs, get some merch, tell your friends and keep it always alive!

How do you think social media has helped bands like yourselves to get noticed by people, who otherwise wouldn't have heard of you?

Awesome !!! It's always nice to know people are diggin our music and head-banging to it, fucking sick!

You've had the privilege of playing with some pretty big bands in Brazil, what has been the highlight so far?

Yeah, playing with bands you've been listening too since high-school it's crazy as fuck! All gigs are always crazy haha, but playing with Krisiun was a blast for sure!

Do you keep up with your local metal scene in Brazil and what bands would you recommend to us?

Sure we do, any one in the needs of hearing some South American brutality, stick your ears to Vomepotro, Lacerated ad Carbonized, Lástima, Cruscifire, Ayin, Terrorgasmo, Hatefulmurder, Baga, Anopsy, Crunch Delights, Corporate Death, Flesh Grinder, Vociferatus, Gutted Souls, Unearthly, Nervo Chaos, Expurgo, In Torment! South American sickness for you all!!!

Forceps are currently writing their new EP "Humanicide" and once it's ready, I'll have a review on here, but in the meantime you can check out a song on their Soundcloud page below, for a taste of what's to come:-

Also, head over to their Facebook page for info on the EP as it happens at

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