Wednesday 9 July 2014

New Songs - Black Veins/Old Boy/Set Before Us

Here's another new feature I've decided to do, though I'm not sure if this one will be a regular one. As the title suggests, it's about new songs from three bands. I don't usually write about single songs, but as I've been asked nicely, I thought I'd break with tradition. It's a multinational affair to, with Birmingham based heavy band Black Veins and Bournemouth hardcore troupe Old Boy representing the UK, while new metalcore/hardcore act Set Before Us hold it down for Sweden.

Black Veins - Colony of The Earth And Sky

It's been a while since I've heard anything by Black Veins but they have a new album on the way, titled "Tyrrany", which is due for release during the summer via Witch Hunter Records, Speedowax Records and Sell Your Soul Records. This is the first song they've posted up from the album, to help wet your appetites. Not that you need any encouragement!

Seeing Black Veins in a dank, dark cellar in Leeds was one of my favourite gig experiences, even if it was brief and judging by the strength of this track, that experience will be repeated in the future. The ethereal, haunting intro leads into a suitably noisy slab of fast/slow hardcore, laced with powerviolence and post-metal. Taken influence from their European cousins instead of those across the pond, Black Veins have stepped up their game since the “Cycle Will Cease To End” 7”. I can’t wait for the LP to drop.

Stream it for yourselves here (and even download it for free):-

Keep checking the below pages for news on the release:-

Black Veins Facebook -
Witch Hunter Records Facebook -
Speedowax Records  Facebook -
Sell Your Soul Records Facebook -

Old Boy - Hearteater

This next band are a hardcore band from Bournemouth, who have recently released their first single. As with the current wave of melodic hardcore bands, they've been getting themselves out into as many faces as possible, namely supporting Black Dogs and lining up a support slots with Dead Harts and Baby Godzilla in the coming weeks. They only set up the band in March, so have moved pretty quickly to get some music out, as well as taking advantage of social media to get in touch with me of course!

Their first single Hearteater is a solid slab of melodic hardcore. The production has given them a raw, DIY sound but one that helps Old Boy’s music come to the fore. Judging by the promise here, they’ll no doubt be on a Ghostfest bill in a couple years or so. The guitars mix chunky breakdowns with melodic riffs, the bass adds heft alongside the percussion while the vocals lean toward more extreme end of hardcore but don’t cross the line into deathcore/beatdown territory. Hopefully they’ll put up more music soon and keep those great post-hardcore riffs going, as they really add to the music. Being such a new band in terms of length of time together, they’ve got their act together quickly, but their haste hasn’t been in vein. Hearteater doesn’t sound forced or rushed and provides Old Boy with a great springboard to build on.

You can stream Hearteater and grab it as a name-your-price download below:-

Old Boy Facebook -

Set Before Us - Wildfire

I'm finishing up with a bit of continental flair. Set Before Us are a metalcore/hardcore band from Stockholm, Sweden. They started out back in January 2013 and are now really gaining momentum, with a recent appearance at the final of Emergenza, a Swedish event for new and up-coming bands, plus the release of their new single. They are currently recording a new EP and aim to release it later this summer.

The live shows that Set Before Us have played seem to have helped them weave a decent hardcore song. Taking their cues from metalcore bands like Killswitch Engage and Soilwork, they’ve managed to produce a heavy yet melodic track. The riffs are crushing for the most part but the choruses contain some great lead work, while the vocals are roared our with plenty of passion. The soundstage is such that the bass and drums are lower in the mix when the guitars are in full swing, but that doesn’t detract from the song at all. This takes me back to my late teens and the countless hours I spent listening to Alive Or Just Breathing. Any song that does that is worth anyone’s time.

Check out and download Wildfire (for free or for a contribution) here:-

Set Before Us Facebook -

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