Monday 21 July 2014

Dead Like Me/Gerda - Me And Gerda Are Both Dead Like You Split 12"

This isn't a new release, far from it in fact. This split 12" between French hardcore/metalcore band Dead Like Me and their Italian comrades Gerda was released in 2012 via a slew of labels. My philosophy is that music and bands should be heard, however new or old, which is why I'm writing about this release now.

Dead Like Me started in 2010 and released their first demo in 2011. They also toured the UK, Ireland and Europe in 2013. They are currently writing new material which will be on an EP soon I believe. I've not been able to find too much information about Gerda, though they have also been busy writing a new album.


1. Dead Like Me - Le Fils Du Pire Des Predateurs - Clair
2. Dead Like Me - Le Fils Du Pire Des Predateurs - Obscur
3. Dead Like Me - Chien De Nuit
4. Gerda - XXXX

Dead Like Me have three songs on this split and start off with Le Fils Du Pire Des Predateurs - Clair, which is pretty crazy. It’s made up of off-kilter, noisy hardcore and French language vocals. It’s an extremely intense three-minute track where the band leaves no time for breath. Le Fils Du Pire Des Predateurs - Obscur is more than equal to Dead Like Me’s opener. it features the same rich bass tone underneath the dissonant guitar. As with the opener, there are moments of metallic lead work and the drumming keeps you guessing as to which time-signature the band are playing to.

Their side ends with Chien De Nuit and it’s their most ferocious offering on this split. It’s more tempered toward metal this time, with growls that sound like they’re being delivered via a possessed human being. There are elements of black metal and sludge in the song and the added playing time allows Dead Like Me to really go for it. The riffs are thick and the atmosphere dark. Gerda offer up just one song, but XXXX is the same length as the whole of Dead Like Me’s side. 

Gerda have a fuzzier sound initially, with a bass buzz kicking things off but clarity is soon provided through their post-hardcore tinged noise. They describe themselves as “Noise/Punk” and that is as accurate as you’re gonna get. It follows a similar off-kilter trajectory to the split’s previous songs, but the noise element is greater and so is the sense of foreboding. Gerda are the perfect bedfellows to Dead Like Me’s experimental approach, as their side is more measured. 

Both bands deliver music that is well worth listening to though and bridge the gap between technical metalcore and honest, raw hardcore. Perfect for when it’s too hot to set foot outside!

You can stream the split via Swam Of Nails here -

There's a link on the Swarm Of Nails bandcamp page that offers the split up for free download via Mediafire. Alternatively you can buy it as a high-quality download.

You can buy the physical vinyl version from the labels below:-

Swarm Of Nails -
Left Hand Records -
Prototype Records -
Shove Records - (If someone can locate a webstore, let me know!)
Wallace Records -
NotAPub Records - (Unable to locate a webstore!)

Dead Like Me Facebook -
Gerda Facebook -
Swarm Of Nails Facebook -
Left Hand Records Facebook -
Prototype Records Facebook -
Shove Records Facebook -
Wallace Records -
NotAPub Records - (Unable to locate Facebook page!)

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