Sunday 20 July 2014

Leather Chalice - Luna Tape

I first came across one-man black metal/punk project Leather Chalice when US label Opaqus Records released the band's Opium Supremacy demo and first full-length Sweet Perfume Of Coffin Air, as well as the split tape with Maljutka. Leather Chalice continues to be super productive at the moment, with this new one-track EP released with the help of Broken Limbs Recordings. LC's sole member normally resides in fellow US black metallers Ramlord and has been releasing music since 2013. LC's aesthetic is of the trve DIY nature, with the projects artwork and graphics being self-designed.


1. Luna

Luna starts with a sample of a man regaling about being abducted by aliens and being forced to mate with one I think, which is a pretty stark. The musical introduction itself sits alongside paranormal noises, before ceasing to reveal Leather Chalice’s black metal. Sweeping, dual-guitar and curdling screams sit at the top of the mix, with drums keeping the rhythm in place. Luna is split into distinct movements, with instrumental passages bridging the verses. It switches between mid-paced black metal and slower sections, with the guitar providing nice melody, which reveals a punk shift at times.

The electronics are a great addition to the music, which is very well played, with a really good production. The cool thing about Leather Chalice is that (sole member) JS doesn’t try to be like every other black metal solo-project and favours strong musicality over low-fi noise. The rawest part of the whole things is the vox, but that’s to be expected. Luna becomes even more otherworldly at the ten-minute mark when the music stops and leaves you with alien electronics and keys that make you feel like you’re in an episode of The X-Files. It completely makes sense too, baring in mind the theme of the EP. The final blast of black metal toward the end brings more excellent dual-guitar melodies and well placed time-signatures. 

In the current musical climate within extreme metal, people crave variation and originality, so look no further than Leather Chalice! Forget your themes about Satan, blasphemy and hating all human life because Leather Chalice has taken black metal intergalactic and should be seen as an innovator. That may seem like over the top praise to many of you, but I stand by it.

You can stream Luna via the Broken Limbs bandcamp page below:-

You can purchase a tape copy (limited to 100) via the above too, or check your local distro/label as copies have made their way out to various labels across the globe.

Leather Chalice Facebook -
Broken Limbs Recordings Facebook -

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