Sunday 27 July 2014

Bloodlet - Embrace 7"

This is another one of the 7"s I wanted to write about, after talking about that awesome Haymaker record yesterday. Bloodlet were another band that reformed for the A389 Anniversary bash. This one-sided 7" was pressed specially to coincide with the concert, after the song Embrace was re-discovered with the help of Stuck In The Past Blog - Bloodlet were credited as one of the early metalcore pioneers and spent time on Victory Records in the early nineties. During their time away, members have played in fellow A389 approved band Junior Bruce, as well as others. This 7" contains a single track and has an etched b-side. It was limited to 1000 copies.


1. Embrace

This track was originally recorded in 1993 but has remained unreleased until now, so it dates back to an extremely productive period in Bloodlet’s history. If you were expecting an all-out eager of a song, you’ll be surprised. Bloodlet provide an understated brand of hardcore on Embrace. The bass and guitar are played with control and it’s only into two and a half minutes in that they being to inject the kind of thrash metal influence, that became synonymous with metalcore as it became more popular. The vocals are still loud and Bloodlet show why they were so revered in the early nineties. 

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