Wednesday 23 July 2014

Isolation Tank - Demo 2013

In 2013, new UK label Vetala Productions started to release music by some great new British bands. In March I reviewed the initial demo from Colchester black/crust band Jotnarr and now it's the turn of mysterious band Isolation Tank and their 2013 demo. I say mysterious, because I can't seem to locate much info on the band online. I do know that they're a duo and that they toured with Harrowed (who released their Into Inferno LP via Vetala Productions and Feast of Tentacles) and played with uber-good Leeds PV band Famine recently. They're also due to play a stellar show in London alongside Swinelord and Trudger next month, which sounds brilliant.


1. Brimming With Shit
2. Offer Nothing
3. In Shackles
4. To Hell
5. Isolation Tank

This heat is making me feel really sleepy so I’m hoping that some Isolation Tank will wake me up. Brimming With Shit is as raw as you like. This duo certainly make a mighty racket, with a bass-heavy sound and plenty of metallic heft from the cymbals. What you’ve got here is noisy powerviolence and like their Northern brethren Famine, Isolation Tank pull no punches. Offer Nothing makes use of their straightforward approach to blast through a minute of feedback drenched noise. They bring out the riffs at the start of In Shackles, which is very welcome. 

The production brings the instrumentation to the fore on the demo and places those rabid screams right in the middle. It really emphasises their energy. To Hell provides a rare glimpse into the sludgier, slower world of UK PV. Isolation Tank slide it into the demo effortlessly and it provides a great foil for the chaos to come. That chaos is controlled though and the duo don’t let things get away from them. Ringing feedback heralds in the final stab Isolation Tank. It rounds off an impressive first demo that will be on repeat constantly, for the people lucky enough to have a copy of the long sold-out tape.  Also, keep an eye out for their forthcoming split with Art Of Burning Water, which should be cracking.

You can stream the demo here, where you can also pick it up as a free download:-

Vetala Productions Facebook -

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