Thursday 24 July 2014

Chaos Inception - The Abrogation

Death metal has been pretty underrepresented on the blog recently and strangely, I've got a craving for it today. Loooking back through my review submission list, Chaos Inception's name featured towards the top so here we are. This Alabama death metal quartet were formed in 2008 and promptly released their debut album Collision With Oblivion on Brutalized Records a year later. Three years later in 2012, they released The Abrogation via Lavadome Productions. This year, Chaos Inception have been writing a follow-up record and have even found the time to support the mighty Cannibal Corpse in their home state.


1. The Abrogation
2. Phalanx (The Tip Of The Spear)
3. Lunatic Necromancy
4. Pazuzu Eternal
5. Hammer Of Infidel
6. Black Blood Vortex
7. Ancient Ways Prevail
8. The Exterminati
9. Scald Command

The most fun I’ve had at a live show was when I was “moshing” to death metal bands like Basement Torture Killings and Unfathomable Ruination at this year’s ‘Kin Hell Fest. I use inverted commas because I don’t usually mosh. Anyway my point is, death metal just sounds better live. I’m not dissing death metal on record though and I really enjoy Chaos Inception’s interpretation on The Abrogation. The title-track that opens proceedings in as fast as you like, with an insane amount of double bass as well some great twin-lead work. The vocals are typical of the genre, but when they’re backed up by the technical musicianship they take on a whole new life. Plus, there’s a solo! That’s worth the price of admission on it’s own.

I’ve always been astounded by the technical prowess of many death metal bands. How you can play that fast with that much precision is beyond me! Phalanx (The Tip Of The Spear) being a case in point. Some of sweeping guitar just blows my mind. Mind you, what do you expect from a band that counts a member of Monstrosity amongst it’s ranks. The bass-heavy tone that greets you on Lunatic Necromancy is fiercely menacing, while the drums do their best to smash your skull into smithereens. Even when Chaos Inception chug (which isn’t often), it’s still fast and technical. There’s no mid-paced let up here!

Right now, I’m currently melting due to heat and a lot of headbanging. I just can’ t help it. Pazuzu Eternal may be about three-minutes long, which is the standard time for death metal songs it seems, but it’s absolutely beastly from start to end. Those solos during the instrumental mid-section are nuts and break the verses up really well. I can see why Mr Strnad from The Black Dahlia Murder digs this band so much! There’s more fun to be had during Hammer Of Infidel, though the fading-out at the end of the song seems a bit unnecessary when you don’t want the shredding to end. Past the mid-way point now and Black Blood Vortex sounds super evil. Those deathly growls are used to great effect and even invoke black metal imagery at points.

The urgency and intensity is ramped up further on Ancient Ways Prevail. We’ll, it seems that way anyway thanks to some even faster kick-drums. It utilises drumming that wouldn’t be amiss on a grind record, while staying true to it’s death metal core. Much like the rest of the record. Chaos Inception go grand on The Exterminati, with a massive wall of sound from the guitars. The slightly extended song length gives them the opportunity to add more guitar interplay and allows them to play with the structure to create more obvious movements. These are punctuated by more superfluous lead sections. 

Before you realise it, album closer Scald Command is ringing out. The Abrogation only stretches out for about half an hour, but my god is that half hour worth it. Chaos Inception are very accomplished musicians and should be applauded for the lengths they’ve gone to to create such an immense death metal album. You’ll struggle to find a better record in these modern times!

Stream the whole thing here:-

You can also download The Abrogation's opening two tracks from the bandcamp page too.

You can buy the CD version of the album here -

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