Saturday 26 July 2014

Haymaker - Let Them Rot 7"

I thought I'd rap up a few new 7"s today, before heading out to my first gig in ages tonight. Can't wait for feast of death, grind and doom that awaits! Anyway, this 7" was released in February by A389 Recordings to coincide with Canadian hardcore band Haymaker's appearance at the label's tenth anniversary gig. For those who don't know, Haymaker are US hardcore royalty pretty much and include members from Left For Dead, Pick Your Side and Chokehold amongst their ranks. The songs on Let Them Rot are Haymaker's first new recordings in ten years and with more selected appearances scheduled, let's hop that they stick around a bit longer!


1. Let Them Rot
2. Cheque To Cheque
3. Shit Magnet
4. Their Rules

As hardcore bands go, Haymaker don’t mess around. They come from a generation where bands took to the stage, ripped through their songs and caused chaos. They didn’t sugar-coat their songs or their beliefs and just played the way they wanted to. They still do and alongside bands like In Cold Blood, Bloodlet and Integrity, who played alongside them at the A389 tenth anniversary gig earlier this year, they proved that older is better. 

The four tracks on Let Them Rot last little more than three and a half minutes, but in terms of quality they’re bang on. The title track that kicks off the split sounds so tight. After the obligatory feedback filled intro, Haymaker slam straight into a minute and a half of raging hardcore. There’s even a solo towards the end hidden amongst the wall of sound. Cheque To Cheque is equally huge and mixes thrash with hardcore to great effect. Screaming leads and massive riffs leap out at you through the honest production, while the vocals are spat out equally as fast.

Shit Magnet and Their Rules are shorter songs, but no less intense. Shit Magnet is pretty much the previous songs condensed into thirty seconds while Their Rules finishes things off in dual-vocalised chaos. This entire 7” is a prime example of why bands like Haymaker are still needed in today’s musical climate. Forget the copyists and those out for major commercial gain, you should be supporting those that deserve it the most. Don’t sleep on this!

Stream Let Them Rot here:-

You can buy a digital version of the 7" from A389's bandcamp page above.

Alternatively, head over to their webstore and buy a physical copy of the record here -

Haymaker also has a track on A389's new mammoth 54 song digital mixtape. Stream and download it here -

Haymaker Facebook -
A389 Recordings Facebook -

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