Saturday 26 July 2014

No Fucks Given - Gold Tooth In A Mouth Full Of Rotten Fillings EP

What do you get when dudes from Leeds who play/have played in too many bands decide to join forces? A band that tunes into the dank, depraved vibes of the Norths second city, that's what. The members of new Leeds noise crew No Fucks Given have been toiling away in bands like Famine, The Afternoon Gentleman and previously Narcosis amongst others for years now, so I suppose this new band isn't such a surprise after all. They've recently released their first EP and have just finished an ace UK tour alongside other Leeds based noise/grind bands, including the aforementioned Famine, and The Afternoon Gents, as well as Shoot The Bastard for good measure.


1. Fresh Hell
2. Never Fast Enough
3. Any Minute Now I'm Going To Kill Someone
4. Nation Of Cunts
5. Tanks Are Shit
6. Barcoder
7. Thanks For The Memories, Now Fuck Right Off
8. This Is The End, My Rotten Fiend

So, I needed more fast to wake me up and get me in the mood for tonight. No Fucks Given are like the bastard child of Full Of Hell and Total Fucking Destruction! The double-bass during Fresh Hell could not get any faster.  Never Fast Enough is a very apt title and as it suggests, No Fucks Given are on a mission to go as fast as they can. The vocals are even more grim on here and the guitar crosses the line the between grind-speed and sludge-ridden to keep you guessing on their direction.

That sludge influence is more evident on Any Minute Now I’m Going To Kill Someone. It shows that NFG have serious anger that’s being channelled through their respective instruments/voice boxes. There’s a surprising whiff of grime at the start of Nation Of Cunts, which is surely an ode to all of the hipsters that Leeds harbours. They even have what could be described as an anti-war song that goes by the name of Tanks Are Shit. If they played this on the frontline i’m sure all soldiers would abandon their station and retreat. It’s off-kilter and intensely fast, with enough electronic samples to keep momentum going.

Barcoder is an odd-one out here as it’s long, in NFG terms anyway! If you can’t handle a minute and a half of noise, you’re gonna be screwed with this song. Brilliant! The overall theme of hatred and derision on this EP is summed up in Thanks For The Memories, Now Fuck Right Off. It’s brief and chaotic nature is complimented by high-pitched screams that will slowly make your ears bleed. This Is The End, My Rotten Fiend is a subdued ending to the EP made up of a solitary sample and noise. I suppose that NFG wanted to give their listeners some respite. 

This EP and indeed this band show you that Leeds is definitely getting noisier. You’re either with it or not. Either way, you won’t be able to escape it.

Gold available for streaming (or as a name-you-price download) here - 

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