Monday 5 June 2017

Triverse Massacre - Hades EP


1. Cocytus
2. Styx
3. Acheron
4. Lethe
5. Phlegethon

There's a plus side to having a TV that's on the blink, as it means I can focus on more writing this week. I'm starting with the latest EP from death/thrash bands Triverse Massacre, who're from the unlikely metal hotbed of Carlisle. The city has actually got a pretty decent past when it comes to heavy metal that stretches back to 1977 and the NWOBHM band Black Axe. Anyway, back to the subject in hand. Triverse Massacre was founded back in 2010 and with two prior EPs to their name, they won the regional final of Metal To The Masses in 2016 and went on to perform at Bloodstock. Their new five-track EP "Hades" was self-released at the end of May and they are due to play alongside Acid Reign in Burnley in August.

Triverse Massacre bills EP opener Cocytus as an intro and it certainly begins that way, with rousing orchestral strings and bombastic instrumentation before they break out into some great thrash towards the end. Styx is the first song proper and it’s oozing with death metal. The mix of low/high-pitched growls and the faster-than-human drumming pummels you. The guitars are slightly lost in the mix at times but that just means you have to turn it up! Acheron is a meatier track still, with plenty of groove and grinding sensibilities.There’s a real sense of true British brutality on “Hades” and it’s exhibited perfectly on Lethe. Triverse Massacre doesn’t bother to try and ape their American cousins too much thankfully and it’s a great listen because of that. Phlegethon (the river) is synonymous with extreme metal and Triverse Massacre do it justice with one final blast of slightly off-kilter and intense death metal. The precision of this band is spot on and “Hades” is a great listen, even if it is too short!

You can stream and purchase "Hades" digitally below:-

Triverse Massacre -

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