Monday 19 June 2017

Cryptworm - Cryptworm Tape


1. Gruesome Death
2. Cannibalized
3. Gutswamp

Goatprayer Records has done it again! The label opened up my ears to Napalm Christ, Gatecreeper, Vacivus and Bone Tomb and it's now the turn of Cryptworm. The UK-based duo who've done time in a number of other underground bands have recently release three-track demo with artwork by Mark Riddick. Old-school death metal is dripping from this release, especially when you read the song-titles!

I wrote the opening paragraph of this review yesterday, but it was too hot to carry on writing. It’s equally as hot tonight and I can’t take it, but I’m going ahead anyway. This death metal duo caught my attention with the cover art for their self-title demo tape and I knew I had to listen to it. Gruesome Death is full of blasts, buzzsaw-guitar and deep guttural roars. Cryptworm doesn’t take the “1000 notes” a second approach and instead bludgeon you with over five-minutes of perfectly nasty, old-school death metal. They up the urgency on Cannibalized, which is the musical equivalent of being eaten by a fellow human. There are some really meaty riffs on show when the drums and vocals take a back seat, as they do bury the guitars slightly but it’s no real reason to gloss over this one. The closing (and brilliantly titled) song Gutswamp is impossible to sit/stand still too. It’s got blasts, breakdowns (not that sort!) and masses of atmosphere. All in all this is another cracking demo from a band paying their dues to those who came before them. Cryptworm isn’t reinventing the wheel and nor should they have to. They’re another band that are doing it their way and it’s impossible to deplore that. I’m off to seek out more like this!

Stream the demo and buy it as a download/tape below:-

Cryptworm -
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