Friday 30 June 2017

Nexul - Nexulzifer Demo


1. Morning Star Risen
2. N.x.l.z.f.r.
3. Transformutation To Poison And Light

Once again I find myself digging deep into my review list and having noticed that Texas black/death metal band Nexul has a new record out called "Paradigm Of Chaos", I thought I'd start at the beginning with their debut demo/EP from 2013. "Nexulzifer" was released via Hells Headbangers on 7", tape and digitally. The trio has some pedigree too, as Nexul includes current/ex-members of fellow extreme bands Black Witchery, Helvetron and Nuclear Scorn to name a few. I hope that this will prepare me for their new album, which I'll be reviewing shortly.

Nexul are raw and energetic on Morning Star Risen. They definitely sound more South American and North American. A live sound made up of cymbal-led percussion, screaming guitars and low echoing bellows. It feels like the birthing of an unholy demon! N.x.l.z.f.r. rages with  the abandon of bands like Slayer and label mates Nunslaughter. It’s not for those who like their metal clean or clinical and that’s what gives it it’s appeal. The closing song Transformutation To Poison And Light begins with nods to the occult before slow death/doom takes over. Nexul switches between that and their faster black noise throughout and really nail it. This demo is definitely for those who know their extreme metal. It’s gloriously hellish and loud with no holds barred. Obviously it’s from a time when Nexul were finding their feet as a band but it certainly wets the appetite for the new record. 

You can stream "Nexulzifer" and buy it as a digital download below:-

Physical copies have long since sold out via Hells Headbangers.

Nexul -
Hells Headbangers -

A review of "Paradigm Of Chaos" will be coming soon...

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