Thursday 8 June 2017

False - Hunger EP


1. Anhedonia
2. Hunger

I'm cranking some tunes this evening in a bid to stay a wake long enough to see the first few UK General Election results roll in. This is a new 7" from Minneapolis black metal majesty False, which is being released by Gilead Media on July 28th. Following a split with Barghest, an untitled EP and LP, False are momentarily abandoning their lengthy compositions in favour of two sub-five minute songs. I'm sure the secretive sextet will be able to pull it of though. 

“Hunger” begins with keyboard-laden black metal and vicious shrieks from Rachel on Anhedonia. The drum blasts are frosty while the riffs add an extra layer of symphony to the song. There’s actually quite a lot going on and all six members make a cohesive unit that moves in a different direction to a lot of their USBM peers.. The title-track is equally as impressive and using the term “majesty” in my opening paragraph is pretty accurate. The pace doesn’t seem to slow down but the melody that’s present makes up for the barbarity. The amount of music that False fits into Hunger is hard to convey properly with words. I’m not usually one for symphonic sounding metal, but False carries a reputation that’s too strong to ignore and this EP while short is full of exhilarating heaviness. I don’t know if this is a hint towards future endeavours from the band but even as a standalone release, it’s very good indeed.

Digital and physical pre-orders are now live via Gilead Media's bandcamp page here -

I haven't been able to find a social media presence or blog page for False (please correct me if you know of one and I'll update this review).

Gilead Media Website -

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