Monday 26 June 2017

Beggar - Chainscraper EP


1. Chainscraper
2. Take A Leaf
3. Our Good Name
4. Cryptid

It's a great feeling when you write a review of a band's releases (as I did with Beggar's 2014 EP "Beggar II" and 2015's "Shingles + House Of Man" & "Caramel Cigarette" EP's) and they ask you to write about their latest EP as well. London's noisy riff band Beggar are such a band and I have a lot of time for them, as they typify what DIY means to me. They've relied on themselves for everything from sorting out studio time, finding artists to help with cover art, spreading their music via media outlets and live shows. They are one band that I hope genuinely makes an impact and gets more attention soon! Here's my review of their new EP "Chainscraper', as well as the video for the title-track.

Having spent the weekend noticeably absent, it’s nice to get back to it. Beggar seems to have morphed into a new beast since I last wrote about them. The title-track that opens up the EP contains the same groovy/stoner riffs as before but the vocals seem to be heavier. The mix of low growls and rabid screams paints a bleaker image amongst the musical backdrop. It’s still catchy and dirty though! Their hardcore elements are more obvious on Take A Leaf, though there’s not one singular overriding vibe going on. Beggar’s music has always been their own and all the better for it. There are elements of RATM in the song as well as lots of melody. The guitar solo towards the end shows their musical skill too. They increase both the urgency and the heaviness on Our Good Name, which does nothing to besmirch their’s. Scathing and raw are two words to describe it. The low-end is the difference here and it adds a whole load of heft, even if the song does end abruptly. Cryptic wrestles back their stoner grooves for one last bout of heavyweight metal. The riffs are huge and everything else is turned up to match. This EP pushes and pulls in different directions yet seems to be one cohesive whole. Great musicianship and energy throughout. It’s only a matter of time before Beggar writes an album and takes the next step.

You can stream "Chainscraper" and purchase it digitally and on CD below:-

You can also watch the video for the title-track below:-

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