Tuesday 6 June 2017

Terminal Nation - Absolute Control EP


1. Assembly Line
2. Numb To The Pain
3. Grave
4. War In The Name
5. Hand That Feeds
6. Pulse Of The Dead
7. Violator_Violated
8. Absolute Power, Absolute Control
9. Broken

It feel like a hardcore kind of day today. It's been windy, cold, wet and miserable here and I'm need something to wake me up. That somebody is Little Rock, AR band Terminal Nation. They're officially releasing their new EP via Deep Six Records on June 9th. They formed in 2014, when they released a demo tape that was quickly followed up by a 7" a year later. The cover art for "Absolute Control" is enough to tell you that this quintet is pissed off with the powers at be at the moment. We're about to head to an election in the UK ourselves so let's see if this resonates here too.

This definitely sounds like a Deep Six release, as Assembly Line opens up with swirling noise that gives way to heavy, chugging hardcore. Numb To The Pain threatens to break into a beatdown frenzy before Terminal Nation launches into powerviolence with a hint of groove. They go through a whole load of tempo changes on Grave, which make it an unpredictable but exciting song to listen to. They’re not a band to spread things out either as the quick-fire duo of War In The Name and Hand That Feeds demonstrate. Their sound is old school and all the better for it. It sounds like the vocals are being delivered by a guy with Split Personality Disorder (I realise it’s dual-vocalists). The ringing feedback and rumbling bass that opens up Pulse Of The Dead doesn’t prepare you for the intensity to follow. A mix of breakneck grind and sludge-like groove that flows into two-stepping rhythms. Their most madcap song is Violator_Violated and it reminds me a lot of bands like Drop Dead and Siege mixed with The Body. Their title-track Absolute Power_Absolute Control takes a slower route but features some great lead guitar work and a whole heap of thrash. EP closer Broken describes the society that Terminal Nation is living in and it’s the perfect soundtrack to the resistance of those in power. “Absolute Control” is over pretty quickly but it’s better to leave an impact than sit quietly in the background. Terminal Nation certainly leaves that impact. 

The band is streaming three songs from "Absolute Control" via their bandcamp page prior to the full release (where it's also available as a name-your-price-download):-

More news on the EP's release can be found via the below links:-

Terminal Nation - https://www.facebook.com/terminalnation/
Deep Six Records - https://www.facebook.com/DeepSixRecords/
Deep Six Records Website - http://www.deepsixrecords.com

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