Thursday 10 November 2016

Seltar - Declaración MMXV


1. Gloria Antigua
2. En Rostros De Lobo

I'm starting to get pretty excited about my week of next week. I'll hopefully be able to dedicate more time to this blog and catch up with e-mails etc (in between bouts of DIY). Before that though, I wanted to put my energy into listening to something new and I stumbled across solo black metal band Seltar while scanning my inbox. it turns out that German label Heather Tribes Records has released a tape featuring this EP and Seltar's following full-length "Are Teike" on tape. Both were previously self-released in 2015. I've decided to split that release in half, reviewing the EP this evening and then following up with the full-length next week. I don't know a huge amount about Seltar (as the sole member remains very secretive); however, the band was formed in 2015 and takes influence from the Iberian language and heritage, normally found in Spain and Portugal.

"Declaración MMXV" begins with chilling and isolated guitar melodies on Gloria Antigua, before settling alongside spacey ambience. When the music gets heavier it regales the likes of Twilight Fauna, Caina (R.I.P) and Wolves In The Throne Room in various ways. The soundscape created is huge and the screams of sole-member Invierno sit deep in the mix, allowing the instrumentation to take centre stage. This is ambient black metal at it’s most pure, without silly Satanic pretence. Second song En Rostros De Lobo is equally as breathtaking. It further shows how good both the composition and production are on this release. It certainly doesn’t sound like it’s the work of just one person. The melodies that are present conjure images of being stop atop a snow-covered mountain with nothing around except sky, land and tranquillity. There’s not much more to say about this other than that it’s hard to find peace in extreme music for many, but here you’ll find it. Great band and a great find.

You can stream and download "Declaración MMXV" below:-

The tape version of this and full-length "Are Teike" can also be purchased above.

Seltar Metal Archives -
Heathen Tribes Records Facebook -

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