Thursday 3 November 2016

Astarium - Nekrocosmo: Demiurge EP


1. Flashback
2. Nonexistent Flower
3. Golem
4. Enigma (Part II)
5. Obsessed By Astral Hunger

I'm going to use the next week or so as an opportunity to write about some releases that I've overlooked and some that are new. I'm sorry to say that I've overlooked this one from Russian black metal band Astarium. This EP was actually released in 2014 via Russian label Nihil Art Records with Dark East Productions, limited to 500 copies on cd. For those of you who have regularly stopped by the blog, you'll probably be familiar with Astarium but for those who're new; Astarium was created by sole-member SiN back in 2005 and he's been releasing ambient and symphonic black metal pretty steadily ever since. 

“Nekrocosmo: Demiurge” begins with an instrumental that is typical of Astarium. FlashBack is a heavy synth-led piece that shows of SiN’s love of symphonic atmosphere. Nonexistent Flower is a lot more haunting, with shuddering ambience sitting beneath the guitar and it’s feedback. SiN uses a drum machine to keep the tempo and an extra layer is added by his unique, near-gargled black metal vocals. I’m not sure whether Golem is inspired by the Lord Of The Rings character but it seems like the kind of song he would listen to. It’s tempo is rousing and it’s even slightly hypnotic thanks to the melody created by the guitar and orchestral synths. SiN brings the mood down to a calmer level with Enigma (Part II), which is another instrumental. Thankfully though it doesn’t loose any of the black metal atmosphere that’s been present on the EP so far. Astarium’s love of ambience rears it’s head again during EP closer Obsessed By Astral Hunger. Obsessed… is a majestic piece that could form the basis of a haunting waltz. SiN’s low, almost spoken vocals add to it’s menace as well. Over the years black metal has reinvented itself and even reverted back to it’s purest form through bands both old and new. Astarium carries the torch for bands such as Arcturus and Beherit, refusing to let the flame extinguish. This EP shows the band’s heart and sole. 

You can stream the EP via Nihil Art's bandcamp page below:-

It's also available to download and buy on cd from the label via the same page. Dark East Productions don't appear to have an online shop currently.

Astarium Facebook -
Nihil Art Records Facebook -
Dark East Productions Facebook -

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