Wednesday 16 November 2016

Recollection: Alex (Miss The Stars Blog/Records/Fest)

I'm so happy to be able to bring you the second instalment of "Recollection" so soon after the first. I've been blown a way by how positively it's been received and am already sorting a third. I really want to keep this going. Today's instalment comes from Alex, who's behind the (We Built The World And) Miss The Stars blog as well as Miss The Stars Records and Miss The Stars Fest in Berlin. He's written about his ten favourite records below:-

Danse Macabre - 'die Kritik ist keine Leidenschaft des Kopfes"
A record that changed my life and it's still my favourite screamo record of all time. DM killed it in every single way.

Antitainment – "Nach der Kippe Pogo?!"
11 songs of weird, fast, well-written and arranged Nintendo-hardcore-Casio-metal-punk. A hybrid that will leave you speechless.

The Get Up Kids - "Four Minute Mile"
Second wave screamo at its best – every damn song is a hit. What more could you want, what more could you ask for?“

Captain Planet – "Wasser kommt. Wasser geht."
Probably the record I've listened the most. Moving and intense punk rock from Germany.

Fall of Efrafa – "Inle"
Everything FOE related (Light Bearer, Archivist…) sounds amazing. “Inle” is my personal quintessence of post-metal. Republic Of Heaven , Woundwort are such crushing songs – just stunning.

Infest - "No Man's Slave"
I love Totalitär, Dropdead, Charles Bronson, Spazz and so on from the bottom of my heart but nothing beats this record - It's absolute flawless. Fast, raw and heavy as hell.

Jet Black – "The Dead End"
The reason why I've named my blog/records/fest “We built the world and miss the stars” - it's a quote from a song called 48h. This record is full of screamo-classics. Forever in my heart.

Converge – "Jane Doe"
Classic hardcore record that probably everyone knows haha. It's a hit-record from front to back – with highly emotional lyrics and pissed off tunes/vocals. Legendary.

Protest The Hero – "Kezia"
"Kezia" is somehow special to me – got a kinda indescribable love for this record. It's super catchy, highly melodic and all in all a great concept record.

A Fire Inside - "The Art of Drowning"

The Lost Souls, Ever and a Day, Morningstar - it's just a perfect punk record and AFI in general will always have a place in my heart.

I just want to say thanks to Alex for taking the time to write about his favourite albums. I've put links below so you can check out his blog, label and the festival he's involved with (which, looks amazing!):-

Miss The Stars Blog -
Miss The Stars Records -
Miss The Stars Bandcamp -
Miss The Stars Fest -
Miss The Stars Blog Facebook -
Miss The Stars Records Facebook -
Miss The Stars Fest Facebook -

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