Saturday 5 November 2016

Heartless - Certain Death 7"


1. Ruin
2. Unison
3. Vignette
4. Wrung Out
5. Excess
6. Mute
7. Unhinged
8. Certain Death

Today is a strange day. The autumn sky is clear and blue but the wind is howling. That has absolutely nothing to do with this review but I often draw a blank when it comes to opening lines. As you've probably guessed already, this 7" isn't new. In fact it was the last release from Pittsburgh hardcore band Heartless. Released in 2013 via Halo Of Flies and Alerta Antifascista, it's now out of print. Heartless was one of those bands that put their heart and should into their music and went by the philosophy that “it was better to burn out than fade away”. They called it a day in September 2013, some four months after releasing “Certain Death”. They left behind a demo tape, a self-titled 7”, a split with The Blind and a full-length as well. 

They just don’t seem to make hardcore like this anymore. Heartless just tore into opener Ruin. Full of metallic aggression. Unsewn’s thick riffs had more than a hint of sludge coursing through them and the grinding tempos left no place to hide. I still think that this blend of chaotic hardcore and noise is my favourite sub-genre and Vignette embodies it. The jarring feedback that ends that song and kicks off Wrung Out demonstrates the no nonsense attitude of the band. Excess was cleverly titled because it’s the EP’s shortest song. Mute’s slower tempo brought a break from the speed but only briefly. The latter half was a polar opposite, with explosive pace. Heartless seemed to be able to describe their sound accurately…Unhinged. The closing title-track was their epitaph and the perfect way end. “Certain Death” will remain a snapshot of a band at their peak, gone too soon.

You can still stream and download "Certain Death" and all previous releases via their bandcamp page below:-

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