Tuesday 1 November 2016

Phalloplasty - Necrophagic Funeral Ritual Redux


1. Butchered For Sustenance
2. The Sick Room
3. Cannabis Induced Cannibalism
4. Liquefaction Necrosis
5. The Sadist Manifesto
6. Bound And Bludgeoned
7. Mastication Of Dead Cunts
8. Tenderizing Fetal Flesh
9. Drill Bit Labotomy
10. Intracranial Ejaculation
11. Curb Stompin The Scene Kids
12. Drenched In Gasoline (Putrid Pile Cover)

This is the last part of my four review death metal series and while Halloween has been and gone, I thought I'd bring you some proper gore. US one-man brutal death whirlwind Phalloplasty has re-released their 2012 debut fill-length via Gore House Productions. Influenced by the likes of Cannibal Corpse and Putrid Pile (whose song Drenched In Gasoline gets covered here), Phalloplasty isn't pulling any punches musically or subject wise. Get ready to live and breathe your worst nightmare!

There’s no escaping the brutality of Phalloplasty. The rabid drum machine that kicks off opener Butchered For Sustenance and leads to buzzsaw guitar, as well as guttural roars and the obligatory pig squeals. Yes it’s hard to pick out the lyrics, but you don’t need to use much imagination to figure out their vibe. This is pretty much nasty death/grind and sometimes that’s alright. The Sick Room conjures up all kinds of images as its tempo slows to reveal putrid slams. This album does not hang about. Cannabis Induced Cannibalism (brilliant title) is three-and-a-half-minutes of mayhem. It may be maligned and joked about quite often amongst death metal fans but it’s still fun to listen to gore-grind and Liquefaction Necrosis proves why. Sole member Zack does create atmosphere and takes influence from the old-school during The Sadist Manifesto. It’s a welcome change, though it’s no less brutal. Bound And Bludgeoned is the fastest song on “Necrophagic Funeral…” and that tempo carries on into the affectionately titled Mastication Of Dead Cunts. It’s hard not to get mesmerised by the rhythmic pulses of Phalloplasty and coming from someone who isn’t a fan of programmed drums, that’s a compliment. Tenderizing Fetal Flesh has an inevitable air of Cannibal Corpse about it, but retains originality by sounding gloriously DIY. The harsh cold feel of Drill Bit Lobotomy is every bit as disturbing as the song-title suggests. It’s slam cut through you like a circular saw and it’s time-changes bury themselves in your synapse. You’ll have nightmare just think about the images conjured up by Intracranial Ejaculation, yet it’s riffs are amongst the best on the album. it’s hilarious to think about grizzly old death metal fans Curb Stompin The Scene Kids but we secretly hope it’ll happen someday! The album closes with a cover of Putrid Pile’s Drenched In Gasoline, which is quite fitting because depending on your stomach for extreme death metal, you’ll either want to set fire to others or yourself. I enjoyed this record, though parts of my review would suggest otherwise. It’s just a hard sub-genre to write about I guess. Zack puts great effort and skill into his music and that should be reason enough for you to give it try.

You can stream "Necrophagic Funeral Ritual Redux" and purchase a download below:-

CD copies can be purchased via Gore House Productions here - http://store.gorehouseproductions.com/phalloplasty-necrophagic-funeral-ritual-redux/

Phalloplasty Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/PhalloplastyOfficial
Gore House Productions Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/GoreHouseProductionsOfficial

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