Sunday 13 November 2016

Gillian Carter/Coma Regalia - Split 6"


1. Gillian Carter - The Novelty Of Joy
2. Coma Regalia - The King Of Slings

This is a brilliant little split record. Released in September via Middle-Man Records, Fake Crab Records and Time As A Color, it's possibly one of the shortest splits I've reviewed. The record itself is translucent neon green (there's also a red version), with a centre sticker featuring the members of both bands posing in a beach shot and a painted b-side. The shot was recreated on the record's cover with their heads stuck on different bodies and inside there's two baseball cards featuring the lyrics, band info and credits. Such a cool idea. 

Both Gillian Carter and Coma Regalia are extremely well respected and getting to hear them both on the same release is quite something. Gillian Carter’s addition The Novelty Of Joy is sixty seconds of beautifully chaotic yet melodic screamo. The King Of Slings takes the hardcore that Coma Regalia is known for and injects it with plenty of punk. Obviously a 6” vinyl release is always going to have pretty obvious limitations but when it’s this cool and the music is spot on, what does it matter. 

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