Monday 21 November 2016

Light The Skies - Human EP


1. Animals
2. Distractions
3. Acclimate
4. Looking Back
5. Ourselves
6. Distance

The current crop of UK metal/hardcore bands keeps growing. Birmingham (UK) quartet Light The Skies released their second EP "Human" in October.  They cut their teeth playing alongside many of their peers on stages around the UK since they formed in 2013. By the way, don't be too worried about that "Parental Advisory" sticker, they're not bringing back nu-metal!

Light The Skies kick off with some heavy hardcore on opening track Animals, but it’s their clean vocals that set them apart from their peers. There’s an unwillingness to play by the usual blueprint and their rhythms and instrumentation stays on the right side of djent. They take cues from Mallory Knox during Distractions and will no doubt have strong crossover appeal, thanks to melody they employ. It’s certainly slickly produced, even if they rely slightly on electronic effects. Acclimate takes post-hardcore and gives it yet another modern twist. It’s really catchy. I’m a sucker for the old-school, but I realise that times change and god knows there’s been enough change in this scene in recent years. There’s a organic live vocal sound present on Looking Back, which creeps through during the initial verse, coupled with heavy riffs and some gang-style vocal harmonies make it pretty exhilarating. They lay their pop-sensibilities bare on acoustic number Ourselves, though it’s got subtle nods to Incubus within it’s time-signatures. They end “Human” with probably the best song on the EP. Distance is really well-written and it’s pop-punk edge makes it really listenable. Light The Skies are a lot more original than I was expecting them to be and the variation that’s achieved here is definitely key to that. They are destined for better things if they continue in their vein. 

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