Monday 28 November 2016

Heriot - World Collapse EP


1. Myrr
2. China Lake
3. Kleptocracy
4. World Collapse

I don't know a great deal about Swindon, apart from that they have a football team. Now I find you they have a pretty decent music scene too. It turns out that Eternal Lord came from Swindon as well as The Argent Dawn, so Heriot's got pretty big shoes to fill. This hardcore/doom trio released their debut EP exactly a month ago now and with a slot at Bloodstock already under their belts, they're looking to build momentum into 2017. The EP has been released via Slow God Records and the band themselves.

Heriot plays angry and heavy hardcore, with a slow and gloomy undercurrent. It’s good to hear a UK band taking on the more extreme end of hardcore again and EP opener Myrr is definitely.a winner in my book. There’s more to this trio’s music than just ‘core of course, with plenty of sludge-filled atmosphere. They show their more angular side on China Lake, which is filled with great riffs and deeps roars. There’s some beatdown poking through the murk as well, but it doesn’t overpower the song. Kleptocracy is the perfect way to wash those Monday blues out of your system. There’s a spacey feel to the first half of the song, while the second is just pure slow-mosh. Their ability to craft intense atmosphere is accentuated on the closing title-track. It paints a grim picture of the world in which we currently live and takes their doom-laden sound to a more than logical conclusion. Heriot ain’t messing about and I’m glad. They are the best soundtrack for the end of a year that’s left a bitter taste in the mouths of many. They should be heralded and applauded for that. Awesome indeed.

You can stream and download "World Collapse" below:-

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