Sunday 24 July 2016

Thetan - Who Will Protect Us?//Relief pt2 7" Lathe


1. Who Will Protect Us? (Brother Inferior cover)
2. Relief pt2 (Doom cover)

I've decided to take some time to write about some shorter (two-track) releases, because short and sweet is good. I'm starting out with this 7" lathe that Thetan released last November via Anti-Corporate Music Inc. It features the band covering songs by Brother Inferior and Doom. There was only 50 copies of this made and remarkably there are still copies available! For those who have checked out my previous review featuring Thetan, they are a heavy and fast hardcore bass/drum duo from Nashville (TN).

This is raw and nasty and perfect for an afternoon pick-me-up. Dan’s vocals on Who Will Protect Us? are almost incomprehensible, not that there’s any time to try and follow them anyway. They channel the spirit of Doom during their cover of Relief pt2, somehow managing to drag the same murky atmosphere into the recording too. It’s not often that my reviews are shorter than my opening paragraphs, but there’s no point in getting too fluffy with things. If you like fast and raw music of the grind/hardcore/PV variety and like to boast about owning rare records, buy this. It’s good.

Stream and/or grab it in both physical and digital formats from Thetan below:-

It's also available from Anti-Corporate Music Inc. here -

Thetan Facebook -
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