Monday 4 July 2016

Kumulus - White 12"


1. IX
2. VI
3. VII

Before I kick on any further with my current review schedule, I wanted to give this LP a proper write-up. I didn't know much about German three-piece Kumulus when I received this LP and I still don't to be honest. This glorious white slab of wax was released in November 2015 via a quintet of like-minded labels (whose links I'll throw up at the bottom of this review). They played with Sick Thoughts in Bielefeld in March (Sick Thoughts played Harrogate on the same tour and they were great!).

Instrumental hardcore-punk is the order of the day here. I’m not really surprised that this LP was part-released by Time As A Color to be honest. The same label that released a split 7” of post-hardcore and traditional German folk. This, however; is somewhat darker. IX is mid-paced and while at times it threatens to turn heavy, it refrains from doing so. It is dramatic though. The songs on White really do work well in their longer form. VI is perfect for just sitting back and switching off too (which, is what I’m trying to do after a draining day). It’s amazing how cathartic music can be without words over the top sometimes. VII leans more towards punk with it’s shorter playing time, but don’t let that fool you. The melodies woven by the guitars and the tempo of the drums/bass still make for a sad song. Closing song VIII is a droning, hypnotic masterpiece. The feedback and lowly plucked guitar morphs into one last dreamy instrumental ballad with lead-work inspired by rock n roll’s greats. This may be relatively short for an LP, but it’s well worth it. Kumulus has settled on a sound that is unique and musically pleasing. I like this one a lot!

You can stream and download the LP (for free) below:-

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Dingleberry Records And Distribution -
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Time As A Color -
A L'ombre De Cette Vie Records (not sure if this label is active now) -

Kumulus Blog -

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