Saturday 16 July 2016

Giant Gutter From Outer Space - Stumm


1. Sturm
2. Ruinen

I might as well bring you another release out of left field, seeing as most of my reviews over the last week have been similar. This little two-track EP was released in April by Brazilian experimental metal duo Giant Gutter From Outer Space. It was recorded as part of the Rubber Tracks Converse project and released via three labels (Sinewave Label, Terranean Recordings and Splitting Sounds Records). This was their first musical output of 2016 and their fourth piece since October last year. I guess that means I'm a little late to the party!

Living within close proximity to one of the UK’s most rich and vibrant scenes in Leeds, I have high expectations. GGFOS have to go some to reach the levels of bands like Khuda, Sunwolf and Sloth Hammer. Thankfully they pass the test. Opener Sturm is a visceral improv bass/drum experience. Instantly written with weird off-time head banging in mind, this instrumental collage of noise is great. There’s really no need for the gap in between Sturm and Ruinen, but I suppose they feel it’s necessary. Ruinen is slightly more head-spinning than it’s predecessor with even more perplexing time-signatures. This is something that I can seriously get behind. The band themselves e-mailed me about their recent releases, so expect more of this very soon!.

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