Wednesday 13 July 2016

Shuly To 104kz - Infinite4ce


1. Liberation Express
2. Still Alive
3. 屍 (Dead)
4. Inifinite4ce
5.  花 (Flower)
6. Still Grind
7. S.T.1 Pride
8. For Freedom

Here's the second slab of Japanese madness that I promised earlier in the week. This is due out via MeatCubeLabel in the US tomorrow! Shuly To 140kz proudly proclaim to be a mix of post-rock and hip hop. They're very much rooted in the DIY scene in Japan, having organised their own shows and this is their debut album. There's not much else I can say about these guys, as I can't find anything else. I guess it's all down to the music!

I’ll be honest, I’m not really a big fan of hip-hop but I’ll give everything ago here once (within reason!). Liberation Express is very much a progressive opener with spoken/shouted vocals in Shuly’s native tongue. The guitars are really nice and there’s a real air of traditionalism about. Still Alive feels and sounds like your favourite post-hardcore song but overplayed with poetry in the form of hip-hop verse. The lyrics go over my head (for obvious reasons) but that still does’t I can’t enjoy it. That’s the quality of music though, even if you’re not able to translate what’s being spoken or sung, at least you can find universal ground with the band, especially when the hardcore screams kick in!. (Dead - according to Google translate) shows that there are still subtle elements of nu-metal hanging around in Japanese music, but that’s no bad thing. It’s quickly banished by the traditional violin and clashing screams. The title-track’s up next and it’s a brooding, atmospheric piece. It’s the kind of song that would perfectly accompany the rising (or setting) of the sun. I realise how cliched that sentence sound’s here but I don’t care. Even the angry and intense vocals don’t diminish it’s beauty. (Flower - again translated via Google so apologies for any inaccuracy), could well be a child’s nursery rhyme song thanks the glockenspiel that tingles throughout. It’s deeply rooted grit and emotion is hard to shake off and it’s shows off Shuly’s musical variation in the best way possible. In between the post-rock and thoughtfulness, they fit in a couple of songs that are a bit more crazy. Still Grind is an apt title and the song that bares it’s name is another prime example of the Japanese to grind so well. It’s not super intense but it is unique. What follows is the longest song on Infinite4ce, S.T.1 Pride. I’ve tried my best throughout this review but I still don’t think my words can really do this justice. Shuly’s music is so varied and engaging that it’s only really understood through listening. The closing sixty-seconds sound like a mighty film score for good measure too. The madness comes to a conclusion with For Freedom and it’s off-kilter post-hardcore. It may take repeat listens for you to truly appreciate this record, but if forward-thinking is your thing then you’ve got no time to lose. 

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