Tuesday 19 July 2016

Deathinition - Art Of Manipulation


1. My Personal Maniac Fear
2. Art Of Misunderstanding
3. Priest
4. Klamstwa Dla Mas

It feels way to hot to be writing this today. On the menu this evening is Polish thrash metal band Deathinition and their (2013!) Art Of Manipulation EP. It seems as though the PR wheels are turning for this quintet. They formed back in 2008 and have so far released a single, a demo, this EP and more recently a split tape with Canadians Terrifier last year. Art Of Manipulation was self-released on CD and digitally.

When it comes to thrash metal, the lines between originality and pure plagiarism are blurred, It’s a surprise then that Deathinition is pretty remarkable. Their instrumentation is razor sharp on My Personal Maniac Fear and they choose to sing (or scream) in their own accents, instead of putting on stupid faux-American ones. This is already a winner in my book! They mix the old with the new on Art Of Misunderstanding by throwing in some great modern melodic riffs, while also borrowing from the speed/power metal fraternity in the vocal department at times. Definite future candidates for “Bloodstock Festival” in a few years I think. Priest is slightly more on the low-fi side to start with. The kick-drumming sounds a bit odd but still snaps necks. They’re also fans of lengthy instrumental sections (in true classic thrash fashion) and you can’t argue with their instrumental skill. I’ll be honest and say that I hadn’t heard of Bydgoszcz (their hometown) before I looked up these guys, but it turns out that Poland’s eighth largest city has quite a scene going on. Deathinition ends with Klamstwa Dla Mas and blows away any thoughts of them slowing down. It’s sung entirely in their mother tongue and it’s backed up by lead work that some of the genre’s leaders would be jealous of. This is a really infectious EP and that’s testimony to how much of a surprise Deathinition turned out to be. Good work indeed!

You can stream and purchase Art Of Manipulation digitally below:-

You can get the EP on CD via their online store here - http://deathinition.8merch.com/cd

Deathinition Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/deathinition/

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