Sunday 17 July 2016

Contacts and Press Releases

I get so many e-mail promos and press releases from PR companies and bands, but bands also contact me directly asking for other people they can approach for reviews, PR, etc. With that in mind, I am looking for build a personal contact list to further help bands and also because (as they say), it's not what you know it's who you know! So if you write a blog, zine, mag or own a website that covers metal and punk, if you're a show promoter, a PR person, a radio/podcast presenter, a record label owner, a screen-printer, artist or anything else connected with the metal or punk scenes globally then please send me your contact details, any links you have and a small bio about what you do. My e-mail address is

Also, I am thinking about getting into the press release writing game again. I did a brief stint of PR last year and feel that I might be better at writing press releases solely instead of trying to do the full PR thing straight from the off. That way, I can write a press release and then bands could use them to gain promotion. Please get in touch if this sounds of interest to you, your band, your label etc.

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