Friday 22 July 2016

Dreamwaves - Elements EP


1. Nines
2. Focus
3. Echo
4. Breeze

Tech/Progressive metal in the UK is gaining quite a bit of momentum right now, with help from Tech-Fest and a impending visit from Animals As Leaders (who're doing a huge run of EU/UK club shows). It's a sub-genre that's lacking in my personal record collection but that might be about to change. Brighton, known for it's bulging punk scene has spawned Dreamwaves, who play instrumental progressive modern metal. Elements is their debut EP and it's due for official release in August via Infectious Sounds.

There’s no frilly build-ups from these guys. They immediately bring to mind the instrumentation of bands like Fall Of Troy and the aforementioned Animals As Leaders on EP opener Nines. They are not lazy comparisons either, as the guitar work proves. Dramatic piano is a great way to end the song with a little bit of cinematic flair. Nines flows straight into Focus without a pause (which is great for the flow of the EP). There are some more chunky riffs underneath the lead-work and the drums forge their own path with a time-signature seemingly all of their own. They turn down the technicality a bit on Echo, which is a lot more introspective and laid back, at least during the song’s first half. Quiet electronics give way to post-hardcore arrangements and rousing harmonies. Some people may find this EP a little overproduced or polished and in places it is, but what that exhibits is how good musically Dreamwaves are, so it’s no bad thing on this occasion. EP closer Breeze is heavier on the piano and it’s up-tempo pace is the perfect send off. If Dreamwaves can focus on sounding more organic on future recordings and  can get plenty of live experience under their belts, there’s no reason why they can’t rise to the top of the scene and join the band’s I mentioned above. Great first EP with lots of promise. 

Dreamwaves have released EP track Focus as a sneak preview and you can listen to it via their bandcamp page below:-

You'll have to keep an eye on their Facebook page for official release news.

Dreamwaves Facebook -
Infectious Sounds Facebook -

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